Virtual/Online Training and Behavior Sessions

All you need is a computer, smart phone, or tablet, high speed internet connection, and webcam capability to work with our certified trainer Amy from the comfort of your own home at a time of day that is convenient for YOU. You don’t have to worry about the hassle of taking your dog out somewhere else to work with them and can have access to a training/behavior modification plan that is catered by Amy to specifically address your goals and needs.

Some of the things Amy can help you with:

– Pre and post-adoption counseling; including helping you determine which dog or cat may be the best fit for your family
– Guidance and direction to train important, polite behaviors including but not limited to…not limited to sit, down, stay, attention/focus on you, recalls or resting on a mat
– Solutions for common behavior problems such as chewing, digging, or jumping up to greet
– New pup counseling to discuss common concerns such as biting, crate and toilet training
– Creating tangible solutions for issues such as separation anxiety

Pricing Options:

– (One) 30-40 minute sessions: $40.00
– (Five) 30-40 minute sessions: $125.00
– (Seven) 30-40 minutes sessions: $175.00

Contact Amy at today for more information or to get started!

Training Classes

Classes are taught by our Karen Pryor Certified Trainer Amy McPhail and are conducted here at the clinic in our community room. To contact Amy to discuss setting up a consult or to sign up for a class, please email her at:

Puppy Kindergarten: This 4-week course is one of the most important things that you can do with/for your puppy. We focus on socialization where we “vaccinate” your puppy against scary things in their environment. We also discuss a variety of topics including biting, jumping and enrichment and begin training some important foundation behaviors using positive reinforcement techniques and tools. Included in your $63.00 class fee is a clicker and treats.

Foundation Course: Our foundation course begins by discussing how your dog learns and what tools we can use to make learning fun for both of you. In this 6-week course we train for multiple behaviors not limited to polite leash walking, sit, down, attention to owner, recalls and resting on a mat. Class fee is $100.00 and includes a clicker.

Day Training

Raise your hand if you are busy! Lake City Animal Health and Wellness Center is pleased to offer Doggie Day School. Brought to you by our certified Trainer Amy McPhail, we offer sessions in your home or at our facility where Amy will work with your dog one-on-one while you’re at work, running errands or simply relaxing at home. This service is wonderful for people who want the benefits of a well-trained, polite dog as well as the enrichment opportunities that training offers but don’t have the time to train (or simply want to leave the training to a professional). Amy will first meet with you to explain her training philosophy, give you important information about how dogs learn, discuss your training goals and have you sign our waiver. There will be transfer sessions where Amy will discuss how you can maintain the behaviors she trains and written summaries emailed if applicable. Some of the things Amy can work on with your dog are:

~Recalls (coming when we call) ~sit ~Down
~Waiting at doors and other
~Nose or Paw Target ~Resting on a Mat
~Confidence-building skills ~Accepting/enjoying crate time
~Accepting/enjoying health and wellness activities like nail trims, ear cleanings, teeth brushing and restraint

Amy will begin to work on any behaviors in a low-distraction environment in our hospital or in your home. “Field trips” may be necessary so that distractions can be systematically added and your dog can learn to offer the trained behaviors in any environment.

Day Training in our hospital:

$75 Orientation
$50 Day camp which includes 60-90 minutes of stay/play and 50-60 minutes of training.
$25 Transfer session-usually after 3 training sessions and approximately 15-20 minutes in length
$225 for Orientation, 4 training sessions and 1 transfer session
$400 for Orientation, 7 training sessions and 2 transfer sessions.
Please note that available days and times will be determined when signing up directly with Amy. If your dog will need to stay in the clinic for more than 2 hours, there will be a $12 day stay charge applied for that day.

Day Training in your home:

$90 Orientation
$70 for 45-60 minute training session
$40 transfer session (usually after 3 training sessions and approximately 15-20 min in length.
$400 for Orientation, 4 training sessions and 1 transfer session
$550 for Orientation, 7 training sessions and 2 transfer sessions
Please contact Amy via email at with questions or to get started.