Friends We've Lost

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Allie (1993-2010)

Allie was a gentle, loving and very loyal kitty, and was Claire's best friend for life.

Henri & Sandi

Henri & Sandi


Zippy (2000-2010)

Always happy, forever loved.

Riley Colman

Riley Colman (2005-2010)

Riley was a great cattle dog, and is truly missed by all of his family.

Lester Smith

Lester Smith (2004-2010)

Lester was the kindest, smartest and most well-mannered cat we have ever known. Rest in peace, Lester buddy.


Hobbes (1993-2010)

We miss her active, mischievous and fun personality. She added so much pleasure to our family life.

Fletcher Jones

Fletcher Jones (2000-2010)

A loyal friend to the family and in the field. We'll miss you buddy!

Pacer Sundheimer

Pacer Sundheimer (1998-2010)

His heart grew weak, but his memory remains strong in ours.


Tango Ray Sterling Benedict

World Class 11 year old lady. We miss you every day, you were our delight.

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