Friends We've Lost

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Bud (1997-2011)

Bud, you are gone but not forgotten. We miss you and love you!


Alexander (1994-2011)

Alex you live on in our hearts and memories. You gave us so much love in your 16.5 years. We'll never forget you.


Phillip (1996-2010)

Phillip was our best pal we miss him very much.


Kelly (1996-2011)

My one true friend.

Miss Alice

Miss Alice (2003-2011)

Loyal from beginning to end. We love and miss you very much. Good Night Alice


Sandy (1998-2011)

Sandy was the light of my life and will be sadly missed and will remain in my heart forever.


Ginger (1996-2010)

An affectionate friend and loyal companion whose memory lives on!


Sitka (1994-2009)


Rascal (1995-2010)


Gracie (?-2010)

She was lovingly "put to sleep" in April of 2010 and we still miss her very much.


Morgan (1995-2010)

Our beloved Morgan. We miss you so much sweetheart. You were a great dog and will be greatly missed.

Mocha Lou

Mocha Lou (1999-2010)

You were a good friend & will be forever in our hearts.

Wyatt Benedict

Wyatt Benedict (2009-2010)

Be Happy, Joyful and Free! Our favorite silly puppy!

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